transparent.  Accessible.  Global.


At Mesia Group we offer a complete customized business management service to all levels of entertainers and entrepreneurs.  We know what it means to be part of a dynamic team – the team that guides you to allow you to focus on your craft.  Working with your other advisors including agents, investment counselors and attorneys, we evaluate and explain the economic implications of proposed transactions, contracts and investments.  Using our simple format and MG Global app, you can have access to your precise financials at any time, any place. 




With offices in the UK and East & West Coast US we cover all time-zones offering you access to your business manager wherever you are, anytime, any place.  Supported by our MG GLOBAL app you are empowered to have transparent control over your present and future financial business 24 hours a day.



Based in Miami, MG Latino celebrates, supports and elevates their Latino Entertainment clients.  Launched in 2017, MG Latino are proud to be the first dedicated business management firm in the Latino entertainment community.